Orange Pride Drill Team Team Tryouts

Below is the process we will use this year for tryouts:

1.  Parents and Students please watch the following tryout information video:

2. Read through the Team Tryout Packet/Constitution 

Click Here

3. Complete the Online Application. (The application deadline has passed, please email: if you still wish to try out)

4.  Complete Permissions and Expense Release Form. (The application deadline has passed, please email: if you still wish to try out.)

Important Dates

May 1 - Virtual Tryout Meeting and Application Posted

May 4 - Tryout Videos Posted

May 11 - Application Deadline 11:59 pm

May 13 - Email from director with self-enroll Canvas Course Link 

May 13 - Tryout Submission Window Open

May 20 - Tryout Video Submission Deadline 11:59 pm

May 21-22 Judges Deliberations

May 23 - Announcement of 2020-2021 Orange Pride Officer and Team

Eligibility for Tryouts

In order to try out for the Orange Pride Drill Team at York Junior High, a candidate must:

  • Live in the York Junior High official boundary as established by CISD during the time of tryouts, or have been accepted as a transfer to York.

  • Have an overall semester average of 70 or higher with no more than one F for the semester. A student is eligible to try out for the next year if she has failed a course during the previous grading period.

  • Be in good standing with the grade level principal’s office. There must be no recurring behavior problems.

  • Students must have an attendance record that complies with the District attendance policy.

  • Students must learn tryout dance from video.

  • Students must have a parent or guardian view information pre-tryout meeting video.

  • Because of the vigorous nature of the physical activities required of drill team members, each candidate should be in excellent condition.

Canvas Tryout Course

On May 13, you will receive an email to enroll in the Canvas tryout course.  Below is a video tutorial on how to self enroll in this course.

Tryout Notes

  • Make sure to obtain as much space as possible to do the dances. We understand that space may be limited, but the more space you have the more you will be able to show the judges what you have.

  • You are welcome to utilize a laptop, iPad, phone, or another device to ensure that your dance is completely captured.

  • You may consider asking an adult to video you to ensure that the camera moves where you move, if you go off of the screen it will be difficult to score you on that portion.

  • Please wear all black form-fitting dance attire and appropriate footwear. Examples include a Black Tank & Black Leggings, Black leotard and Black Tights. Undergarments, tops, midriffs and bottoms should not show.

  • Hair should be slicked back in a ponytail.

  • Makeup should be performance style makeup with red lipstick.

  • Due to Covid-19, If you are unable to obtain all black dance attire, performance hair, or makeup, we will not reduce the points. However, please keep in mind that, like an interview, you want to video the best version of you possible.

  • Feel free to reach out via email should you need feedback virtually on technical elements, questions on choreography, and help from the directors prior to the video submission deadline. 

  • Please upload ONE (SINGLE TAKE, UN-EDITED) video to your canvas course.

Team Tryout Song and Tryout Instructional Videos

On Monday, May 4th you will find links below to the following tryout song and instructional videos to help you learn the dance/choreography:

Click Here for the Team Tryout Song

Team Tryout Dance Video with Counts


Team Tryout Dance Video with Music

Submitting Your Tryout Video

  • All video submissions are due to the Canvas Course by May 20th at 11:59 pm.

  • Please plan to submit your video no later than May 19th to allow yourself a cushion of time, submission earlier is highly recommended.

  • If you upload your video to YouTube, you will need to ensure that permissions are set appropriately so that those with the link are able to view.

  • If there is difficulty viewing your video, prepare for your directors to contact you via email. Check your email regularly.

Results will be posted here at 2:00 pm May 23rd.

  • The tryout will have three judges, just as they would have had if tryouts were in real time.

  • The judges will view the videos and score them appropriately.

  • Selection will be based on dance technique (coordination, style and grace), high kick technique (flexibility, height, extension, strength and endurance), projection, memory, and overall execution.

  • The directors will be able to advocate for dancers.

  • After the judges have watched all submissions and scored all candidates, they will submit their scores to the tabulator. The three judges scores will be calculated together. The natural break in scores will determine the candidates selected for the team.

  • The results of the auditions will be posted on the team website by May 23rd to ensure that time is given for the judges to assess each candidate, for directors to appropriately advocate for candidates and for calculations to occur.

  • All decisions of the judges are FINAL. Following tryouts, any candidate who does not make the team who wishes to review their scores, must make an appointment with the administrator and/or director. You have one week from tryouts to take care of this. 

Are you or a dancer you know trying out for the York Orange Pride dance team?

💥The Woodlands Dance Center is here to help.  Mrs. Regan will be offering a virtual review session via zoom!  She will focus on reviewing the choreography, growing technique, solidifying memory, and building the confidence of the dancers. 

The review sessions are on Zoom from 10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m on the following days:

Thursday, May 7th
Friday, May 8th
Monday, May 11th
Tuesday, May 12th

Each review is $8 or you may attend all 4 for $30. Register for the review sessions here at TWDC.

We are also offering in-house and virtual private lessons! If you would like more information, email 

The Woodlands Dance Center
26019 I-45 North, Suite 100
Spring, TX 77380


©2020 by Orange Pride Drill Team

Thank you for trying out for the Orange Pride Drill Team!

Randie Wilson

Randie Wilson