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~Eligibility for Tryouts~

In order to try out for the Orange Pride Drill Team at York Junior High, a candidate must:

  • Live in the York Junior High official boundary as established by CISD during the time of tryouts, or have been accepted as a transfer to York.

  • Have an overall semester average of 70 or higher with no more than one F for the semester. A student is eligible to try out for the next year if she has failed a course during the previous grading period.

  • Be in good standing with the grade level principal’s office. There must be no recurring behavior problems.

  • Students must have an attendance record that complies with the District attendance policy.

  • Students must have a parent or guardian attend information pre-tryout meeting.

  • Because of the vigorous nature of the physical activities required of drill team members, each candidate should be in excellent condition.

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